All American DISNEY Pancakes

PANCAKE day aka Shrove Tuesday is almost here and this is definitely a day that I fully indulge in by making the yummiest pancakes! As I’m a fan of all things American I always opt for light fluffy pancakes, they are super delicious and are great for a quick brunch or even an indulgent dessert served with ice cream and melted chocolate.

If you’re looking for something slightly different from the norm this pancake day then these are for you, I guarantee that once you made them you’ll never go back to the classic pancakes with sugar and lemon! They’re mouthwateringly good, really quick and easy to make and will give you a sweet taste of America right in your own home.

disney 2

I’m using a silicone mould to make them into perfectly shaped Mickey Mouse heads for a Disney themed pancake day! ❤ I found this when I was in Disneyland Florida and couldn’t resist buying it, it was too cute not to. However, you can pour the mixture in free hand or if you have an egg ring this will work as well!

The smell of pancakes frying is so enticing and when you get to taste the warm soft pieces of sweet sweet heaven it is utter bliss! Flecks of chocolate, cool maple syrup and warm pancakes …. they are sure not to last long! 🙂



250g plain flour

1tsp baking powder

3tbsp caster sugar

200ml semi-skimmed milk

2 medium sized eggs

20g butter

60g chocolate, chopped (optional)

2tbsp maple syrup (optional)


1 – Mix the flour, baking powder and sugar together.

2 – In a separate bowl whisk the milk and eggs together.

3 – Combine the wet and dry ingredients and whisk into a batter. The batter will be thick but still have a good dropping consistency. At this point you can add in the chocolate (or maybe blueberries, anything you like!).

4 – Heat a frying pan and melt a teaspoon of butter. Place the mould in the pan if you’re using one and pour in the batter. If pouring free hand use about half a ladle full of mix each time.


5 – When the batter starts to bubble, it’ll take about 2 minutes, flip the pancake. If using a mould take this off before flipping, the batter should have cooked enough to hold it’s shape.

6 – Fry for another 1 minute until golden brown. Serve immediately with maple syrup. They are best eaten straight away whilst warm.

Note: If you’re using chocolate in the mix fry at a lower heat to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn. They’ll need to be fried for longer but at a lower heat.


Happy Pancake Day!

Becky x


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