The Beckybakesandbakes Bakery Tour! (London)

I love baking. I love all baked goods. So naturally I love spending time in bakeries!! London is home to some incredible bakeries as well so it seemed almost perfect to spend a day last weekend on our very own version of a bakery tour! 💛

We had a rough plan for the day in that we knew we wanted to stay in central London and as we started the day with a hearty breakfast at the Breakfast Club in Soho we continued on from there! P.s. I highly recommend the Breakfast Club, a bit of a wait to get it but it’s so worth it – check out these pancakes we had 😍

Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup

Our first stop was a well known haven for delicious cupcakes – The Hummingbird Bakery! There was so much choice I think we stood there for quite a while trying to decide! In the end I went for a Salted Caramel Cupcake, so so good!!

Stop Number 1 – Hummingbird Bakery
Hummingbird Bakery
Salted Caramel Cupcake

Next stop on the tour was Crumbs and Doilies… I’d been following and drooling over their Instagram for a little and I thought whilst in London I had to seek them out. Once again we had an important decision on our hands – what to choose?! I finally chose 4 mini cupcakes as you know I’m a big fan of cute looking bakes 😉

Popcorn, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream and Biscofi Flavoured Cupcakes
How scrummy do they look?!

I’ve definitely fallen in love with Crumbs and Doilies and will most definitely be making another visit 🙂

Our third stop was Maison Bertaux which has been described as Londons oldest patisserie! Do not let the inside deceive you, it’s a very quaint bakery, but as soon as you walk in the smell of all these delicious cakes, tarts and pastries fills the air and it is Devine! With a multitude of choices again this time I went for a Pear and Almond cake 🙂 Lovely and moist and well just what you’d expect from a bakery that has been perfecting it’s craft for over 100 years!

Pear and Almond Cake
Thats me … and my cake!

Next up we were in search of something savoury as we were on a huge sugar high!! Walking back towards Covent Garden we found Balthazar… a cute little bakery next door to its main restaurant. I knew I wanted and needed something savoury but I couldn’t stop looking at all the sweet treats, they looked mouth-wateringly good! I had to be satisfied with their sweet smell as I chose to tuck into some Tomato and Basil Foccacia! Very very tasty, I am a big bread lover so this hit all the right notes!!

Tomato and Basil Foccacia

Not being one to deny myself sweet things for very long we ended the Bakerh tour on a high with somewhere I’ve been desperate to visit for a long time – Laduree!

Flying high on sugar and an increased love of all things baking we ended our own mini tour – full of delicious memories ❤️ if you’d like to follow the same bakery tour then I’ve left the addresses below for you! These are just a small handful of all the amazing bakeries in London but I recommended popping by if you’re in the neighbourhood – you won’t be disappointed!!

Happy Touring!!

Becky x

Hummingbird Bakery 

155a Wardour Street

Crumbs and Doilies

1 Kingly Court
(cobbled passageway between Kingly Court & Beak Street)

Maison Bertaux

28 Greek Street

SOHO London


4-6 Russell Street, Covent Garden, London,


1, the Market Covent Garden
WC2E 8RA London


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