Cherry Bakewell Flapjacks

Cherries + Almond + Oats + Icing = YUM!! I’ve always been a big fan of cherry bakewells, they were one of my favourite things growing up, along with Battenburg!! I think the flavour of almonds is the main reason for my love of these delicious baked goods, just so irresistible to me! ❤

As well as loving all things cherry Bakewell related I also knew I had some left over porridge oats, and what better way to use them up than to make sticky sweet flapjacks! Flapjacks for me are a great snack and they are super quick and easy to make. You can add almost anything you like to the basic mix as well – chocolate, orange, dried fruit, the list goes on! As I’ve professed my love of the almond I chose to make a Cherry Bakewell version ❤️


100g butter

75g golden syrup

75g soft brown sugar

225g rolled oats/porridge oats

100g glace cherries, chopped

For the icing –

100g icing sugar

1tsp almond extract


Line a traybake tin and preheat the oven to 180C.

1 – Melt the butter, syrup and sugar together in a pan. Stir occasionally until fully melted.

2 – Stir in the oats and chopped cherries. Make sure that all of the oats are completely covered in the syrupy mix.

3 – Bake for 15 – 20 minutes or until the edges are just starting to turn a darker colour.  Leave to cool in the tin until completely cooled.

4 – Stir the icing sugar, almond extract and 1 tbsp water. If you need more water to bring it together add it very gradually. The icing should just be of dropping consistency. Pour the icing over the flapjack and allow to set before cutting into slices.

Happy Baking!

Becky x


You could add 100g of chocolate chips and use orange juice and zest in the icing OR just go all out with the chocolate and melt 100g of milk chocolate on top of the flapjacks.


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